February 3, 2012

Delightful? Yes. Debaucherous? Absolutely.

You may remember her from such posts as Meet Sharon. (Alt. Title: Please Excuse the Nudity) and Your Face Isn't Stinky (Probably)

She has injected my life with a dose of fuckery that would shame the panties off of the Kardashians, and I am forever grateful.

Why am I, yet again, bragging about how awesome Sharon is, and making you feel like an inferior human for not having her queefy shenanigans as a part of your daily life?
Because, ladies and gentledouches, Sharon has decided to start a blog! After months of me telling her to get her ass on the dildo we call Blogger, she has finally taken then leap.

Since she is a dear friend of mine, and a freaking hilarious bitch, I hereby force encourage you to pop on over, show her some love, click that almighty "Follow" button, and give her a chance to enlighten you with stories about her "extremely vulgar and innappropriate personality and sense of humour, tales of drunkeness, nudity, verbal (and regular) diarrhea, and really just silly everyday life experiences that make me queef in excitement." (Those are her words... not mine)

Viewers discretion is advised.


  1. You have AWESOME friends! Consider her followed.

  2. Ha! The "adult content" warning that popped up as soon as I clicked over to her blog really sets the tone for some great reading, I think. I hope she continues to blog for a looong time. Her first post had me cracking up. Between her blog and yours (which nearly causes me to pee my pants occasionally), I have some really good reading ahead of me. Thanks for sharing the link to her blog! (...and also for sharing your own hilarity with the world.)

    1. Well it is entirely my pleasure to share with the world. I think my friends are probably tired of me bitching about everything all the goddamn time... so if I can get strangers on the internet to listen, then holy fuck I think I'm winning at life.
      Thanks for reading :)

  3. Oh wow... what am I in for? Here I go...