Who is Britt?

Well hello there. 

It seems that you've stumbled on my "Who is Britt?" tab, you lucky sonofabitch.

I don't have a good answer to the question "Why is your blog called Polka dot Clovers?", so if you were hoping for some clarification, you're shit out of luck. 

Things you've probably figured out about me if you've spent any time reading any of my posts: 

- I like alcohol. 
- I like swearing.
- I like synonyms for the word 'vagina'.
- I'm a homo.
- Dancing is my passion. 
- I define 'passion' as: Something I like to do when no one is looking, probably in my underwear, and most definitely using as much gyration as possible.
- Baking is also my passion. Gyration encouraged. 

For some quick, fun facts about me, you can read this post. (It's called "Eat That Beaver". You know you're intrigued.)



1 comment:

  1. Reminds me of that song my kids played TO DEATH when they were little:
    "Ring ring ring ring bananaphone!"