August 12, 2011

It's like asking me to smell your fingers.

Have you seen that Downy commercial that gets all these different people to lie on this bed out in a park? They are all “Smell this pillow! Take a big whiff!”

Then Downy goes “we washed these sheets a week ago.” And the people in the commercial are all “Wow, that’s incredible!!!!” 

Stop right there, Downy. If I were one of those people, I’d be all “WHAT THE FUCK BRO! Why did you ask me to put my face against this shit? How many people have rolled their filthy bodies against these sheets? Are these Doritos crumbs?”  
Also, why is there a bed in the park?  Do the homeless sleep in it? And is this soap strong enough to cover up the smell of hobos? Cuz I know some select people that might get excited about this.

And if you haven’t seen it… you can see it hereBut you’ve been warned:

...Just wash your sheets more often, people. Just because it smells clean doesn't mean it's not covered in your grime and juice. For real. 

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