July 21, 2011

Say Thank You.

Our landlord is ungrateful.

He should consider himself lucky that I’ve restrained from bouts of hysterical laughter at the mere mention of his name- Ballwant- But instead of being appreciative, he carries on as if I owe him something.  You’re not fooling anyone by saying your name is Bill.

Be appreciative, Ball, cuz that shit’s fucking funny.

Text of the day:   “Some asian lady just saw my boobs.”

Side note: 

Working in an office can be extremely frustrating.
You try sitting quietly when you overhear a girl say, "Steve, it's too small, I don't like it. I just don't like it."
Come on now. That is just crying for a "That's what she said!"

... but I learned my lesson from the awkward looks I got when I sang "hide your wife, hide your kids, compliance is coming around."
These people have no sense of humour.

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